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Bamboo Cutlery vs Plastic Cutlery

Are you looking to reduce your plastic waste this year? If so, bamboo cutlery is a great place to start. Not only will they help clean up our beaches and countryside, but they are a super stylish addition to your picnic, BBQ, or camping trip. 

Ditching the plastic 

Every year, 6 million tons of plastic including disposable cutlery are discarded - much of this ends up in our oceans. 

The Ocean Conservancy lists plastic cutlery as one of the most harmful types of plastic pollution for many forms of sea life. Therefore, reusable cutlery could be a revolutionary impact. 

plastic cutlery in the ocean

Nearly 700 species are threatened due to plastic pollution.

Ditching the plastic cutlery seems like a no brainer, but why bamboo?

Why bamboo?

Bamboo grows much quicker than similar wood like plants, it can reach maturity within 3-5 years. Trees typically take up to 30 years before the wood can be used. Therefore, bamboo is one of the only materials which can keep up with human consumption.

This fast-growing grass absorbs twice as much carbon dioxide as trees and generates up to 30% more oxygen. In addition to this, bamboo is extremely durable - making bamboo products tough. 

This means it will be easy enough to cut through your food with bamboo cutlery as opposed to flimsy plastic cutlery!

Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial making it ideal for crafting naturally hygienic utensils. A naturally occurring antimicrobial substance can be found in bamboo fiber called bamboo kun which prevents bacteria from growing on bamboo products. 

Our solution

Our Bamboo Cutlery Set is durable enough to allow for repeated use, lightweight and comes with every utensil you would need for eating on the go during these warmer months. 

Within each set is a fork, a knife with a serrated edge, a spoon, a straw and a cleaning brush which comes in a cotton storage pouch. It really couldn't be easier to roll up and take anywhere!

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