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  • A Mini Guide to Eco-Friendly Living: 5 Positive Household Changes

    Are you wanting to improve the eco-friendliness of your home? In this mini-guide, we provide you with some small changes you can make around the house which can end up making a big impact.
  • How Your Shampoo Could Be Harming The Environment and How You Can Help

    Shampoo is a necessity for most people, but unfortunately, it can be extremely damaging for the environment in several ways. Thankfully, there are alternative options available which can benefit your hair whilst also benefiting the environment
  • Zero Waste Camping Guide For Beginners

    Camping can quite quickly lead to a lot of waste i.e. plastic cups, plastic bags and plastic utensils due to their convenience which makes zero-waste camping not an easy task. So, I have put together this blog to give you some useful tips for zero-waste camping!
  • Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Shaving

    I have put together this blog which will run over all the basics of sustainable shaving so you will maybe make the switch too!
  • Bamboo Cutlery vs Plastic Cutlery

    Are you looking to reduce your plastic waste this year? If so, bamboo cutlery is a great place to start. Not only will they help clean up our beaches and countryside, but they are a super stylish addition to your picnic, BBQ, or camping trip. 
  • 10 Eco-Friendly Products to Buy in 2021

    To help with your efforts to have a more environmentally friendly home, I have put together this quick shopping guide to give you ten of my personal favourite eco-friendly products to buy in 2021.